HR Managers

Medical services such as imaging and ambulatory surgery provided through the ZeroOutOfPocket® Network can save your company 50%+ compared to the same services provided in higher cost settings such as hospitals and some high cost MD multi-specialty clinics.

With ZeroOutOfPocket® your company or organization can achieve cost reductions in current expenditures vs. just minimizing annual cost increases!
All this is possible without any compromise in the quality of providers available to your employees and their covered lives.

Plus, we can show you how to customize a plan design to achieve any mix of cost sharing (and cost reduction!) with employees you wish.

What is the underlying premise of ZeroOutOfPocket®?

Patients are often referred to high cost medical providers such as hospitals for imaging tests and surgical procedures that could be done in high quality, but much lower cost settings. ZeroOutOfPocket® gives patients a personal financial incentive to seek lower cost outpatient sites and only use a hospital if absolutely necessary.

We’ve been medical providers ourselves (outpatient imaging) for nearly 20 years so we know how to assemble a network of other high-quality providers.

ZeroOutOfPocket® Network consists exclusively of lower cost, high quality providers, e.g. independent imaging centers, MD-owned ambulatory surgery centers, etc.

In addition, ZeroOutOfPocket® holds down costs by eliminating self-referrals. Hospital-employed specialists are not in the network because hospitals pressure them to refer all imaging and surgery patients to the hospitals.

With ZeroOutOfPocket® even independent specialists cannot order MRIs, CTs, etc. on their own equipment but must refer patients to independent imaging centers, most of whom are operated by radiologists.

No extra work for you! Your company or organization doesn’t have to change anything with respect to your current plan design or TPA. Hence, participation in the ZeroOutOfPocket® Network creates no compliance issues.

You may ask about the quality of our network?

The ZeroOutOfPocket® Network consists of accredited providers, most of whom are likely to be on the panel offered by your conventional carrier.

ZeroOutOfPocket® Providers utilize state of the art equipment and are accredited by the American College of Radiology (ACR). ZeroOutOfPocket® uses sub-specialty Radiologists for image interpretation, most of who also read for local hospitals.

By participating in ZeroOutOfPocket®, these providers can increase their volume and mix of commercial patients.

What about claims?

We can even process claims from providers on your behalf and send you the summary financial reports you need.
In short, there are no incremental tasks for you to capture significant medical cost savings!