Join the Network:

  • If you have a radiology-owned, multi-modality facility, we’d welcome the opportunity to discuss becoming an in-network ZeroOutOfPocket® Provider
  • (Sorry, but in-office ancillaries and hospital owned imaging facilities are not eligible.)
  • MD-owned ASCs are welcome to apply.

How it Works:

  • We originate commercial patients for you at no cost. (No Medicare, Medicaid, etc.)
  • No pre-certification of imaging studies required.
  • Payment terms: Net 30 days

Benefits to Your Imaging Center/Practice:

  • Increase your commercial patient volume.
  • Reduce your financial dependence on insurance companies and eliminate “hidden” administrative, compliance costs including pre-certification of imaging studies.
  • ZeroOutOfPocket® is NOT a silent PPO that grabs part of your commercial insurance reimbursement when the claim is processed. (We’re imaging providers too!).
  • ZeroOutOfPocket® markets the Provider Network to self-insured companies and organizations. We’re your marketing agent but we do not ask for payment out of your reimbursement!